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Sat, Feb 1, 2020 6:59 PM


BeamFlex+ Simultaneous Unique Antenna Patterns

Can BeamFlex+ simultaneously create several different antenna patterns?  Say there are 4 clients, each one is 90 degrees apart fro the next (relative to the AP.)

Then as a part two question, what if there are groups of clients, each group located 90 degrees apart from the next.  Would BeamFlex+ create an optimal antenna pattern for each individual client, or would it group them together if they were close enough.

It seems as though the examples and illustrations around BeamFlex+ focus on one client.




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9 months ago

For SU-MIMO yes, Beamflex keeps track of each client separately to build a table of the best antenna pattern + rate for each client.

If you have a pre-ax AP, the support log has a section called "tx_ctrl" where you can see that table for each client. I believe I read that Ruckus APs also put the antenna pattern (it's a bitmask of the elements used) in the 802.11 frame somewhere but not sure if that's still true.

This debug view seems broken on R730 though, that part of the support log just prints out the help for the nodestats command :(

I am not sure how this works for MU-MIMO where you're targeting multiple clients and need to consider the whole transmission as a group.