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Thu, Mar 26, 2015 1:44 PM

11n on T301

I have a customer who cliams T301 can only use 11ac on 5 GHz - not 11n on 5 GHz.
Please confirm T301 can use 11n on 5GHz?


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6 y ago

yes N on 5ghz is supported.

Click the "specs" link near the upper right hand corner

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6 y ago

Of cause they support. We use T300 APs for public events all the time, and we see quit a lot such clients connected.
I would say this is a bit interesting question -- all 802.11ac devices are backword compatible. It means that  802.11n clients can connect to this AP using modulations, as well as 802.11ac clients in lower signal conditions  also step back to 802.11n modulations. Actually most of the time most clients work exactly in 802.11n mode, as currently most clients are  802.11n. Usually only some lucky clients with new radio and really close location fully benefit from new standard. 



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6 y ago

Eizens is correct. It's not even very feasible to "accidentally" lock out 11n clients with an optimization setting, as 11ac data rates and 256QAM tend to only be useful with relatively strong signal strength, so even 11ac capable clients might find themselves regularly using 11n rates.

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