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Fri, Dec 15, 2017 11:41 AM

ZoneFlex R310 bride or radio bridge

I have 6 access point ZoneFlex R310 and I have to put these devices in a building we there isn't the possibility to use a cable. 
So the idea is to use radio bridge for the five devices and use the last device for router connection with cable.
So I try to set R310 like radio bridge...
During the app wizard installation, I see the option Mash so I try to use Mash with default params...but at the end of the operations I have in unleashed wizard page only the first access point where i start the connection and not see the others...
I have to make other operations after app wizard default?

Any suggestion?


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3 y ago


Ruckus calls this technology Smart Meshing. It is not supported with R310s.


In this case I would recommend a Point-to-Point solution. Ruckus makes PtP solutions, but if budget is tight look into Ubiquity NanoStations.

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