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Wed, Dec 2, 2020 2:45 PM

ZF7982 from a SZ 3.6 back to Standalone Firmware

i am unable to Flash the old ZF7982s that ive replaced in my network back to the standalone firmware they are currently on and i want to use them as standalone elsewhere ive tried to put these firmwares on zf7982_9. and zf7982_9. but they dont work either via web interface or via CLI & TFTP the error i get is

net_get_flash: **Err:Upgrade/Downgrade from FSI to UI is not allowed.**
AIS cleanup : Completed
** AP Image Signing : Upgrade/Downgrade from FSI to UI is not allowed.**
**fw(15364) : Unknown

from reading around it looks like i may first have to get them onto a SmartZone 3.4 or 3.5 Firmware before i can flash them with the Standalone Firmware would this be correct and if so where could i get a 3.4 /3.5 AP SZ Firmware?

I just quite like to use one or two of these at home as they are still pretty good APs seems a shame just to have them as paperweights.


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2 months ago

Hey Gordon, you can typically find the firmware at by searching the firmware # you're after.  You seem to be clued in anyways, but just be sure to grab the version for your AP model is all.


I can't recall if there is a required downgrade path, or if you need to factory default and then apply the updates once you come off SZ firmware.

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2 months ago

Hi Gordon,

Correct you have a full signed image on the AP and you try to upload a non signed image.

I would suggest you use version that you can download from support site.

It can be used for stand alone also.



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Thankyou thats worked :-) now i can reuse them yeah! - strange that that download doesnt appear when you look at the AP i wouldnt have thought to serch for that and the AP isnt mentioned in the list but the firmware is in the zip :-)