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Thu, Sep 25, 2014 6:03 AM

ZF 7352 default username/password are not working


We have one device here ZoneFlex 7352, it was working when bought early this year. Now we can't successfully login to the device. I tried to reset it more 3x but the default super/sp-admin is not working. However, the device is replying in it's default IP address. Please help me resolve this issue. And here's the serial number and MAC.

SN: 991302004152
Mac: 543D372E8AB0

Thank you in advance.



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6 years ago


Please make sure that if you are connecting the 7352 to network which also have a controller then there is a chance that default username and password may not work.

Please make sure that when you perform hard reset, just have it powered ON and NOT connected to network.

If it still does not let you login then you may need to contact support for replacement or exchange.