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Thu, Jun 15, 2017 1:35 AM

Wireless Isoation ZF 7372 Standalone v104.1347

I have a ZF 7372 that I recently had given to me by a vendor, and wanted to set it up in my lab for practice/learning. I'm having some trouble getting wireless clients isolated on the guest network I set up.

WAN > SonicWALL (DHCP) > L3 Switch > Ruckus

VLAN 1 - Data
VLAN 90 - Private Wireless
VLAN 100 - Guest Wireless

Ruckus: Connected via port 2 as a trunk port with Bridge to WAN
L3 switch ACL: Deny traffic from VLAN 100 to all VLANS, including 100
SonicWALL ACL: Same as above

With this setup, however, I can still ping across hosts on VLAN 100; is there something on the AP that I need to configure?



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