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Mon, May 30, 2016 1:04 PM

Wireless Clients with no DHCP on Remote Site


i am planning a Ruckus Installation.
Customer has one Main Site and one Remote Site. ZD1205 will be placed on Main Site.
On Remote Site there is no DHCP Server and all wired Clients are configured with an static IP Address.

I am planning using the Firewall on the Remote Site for doing DHCP.
Customer don't...

On Remote Site there is only a Guest Wireless Network needed.
Is there a way using ZD on Main Site as DHCP for Guest Wireless Network on Remote Site?
Maybe there is a way for tunneling all of the Traffic to ZD on Main Site and get a IP Address from there?

Any ideas welcome!

Best Regards


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5 years ago

ZD's dont offer DHCP other than for management VLAN so you would need 3rd party DHCP server for clients regardless of if you tunnel the traffic or not.