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Wed, Mar 6, 2019 8:01 AM

wifi disconnect reason code 1

I'm fielding some complaints from Mac users that see their connection drop. When I dig through the logs, I see lots of disconnects that specify reason code "1", which as best I can find in searching here, is "undefined".

Any ideas on what code 1 generally indicates?

Log example:

Mar  5 10:36:59 Eved: STA-DISASSOC-REASON [ieee80211_send_mgmt(),5250,send station disassociate] 8c:85:90:ba:4b:c6 rx_rssi=37,ack_rssi=0,reason=1,freq=5785,chan=157,rx pkt,byte;tx pkt,byte=(93138,21247745,175630,96292565)


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a year ago

Bump. Still seeing them, still not finding docs on what "reason 1" is.
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a year ago

"Unspecified Reason" according to 802.11

What else is going on with this client?  Roaming?  Changing SSIDs?  Only MACs?