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Fri, Nov 25, 2016 11:37 AM

what is themaximum cable length for POE for accesspoints R600 &R 710??

Hi Team,

We are planning to deploy Ruckus access-point R600 (or) R710 in our customer place along with ZD1200 controller using POE switches.

Now i wants to know the maximumcable length that the access-points supports to receive the POE in high density user area.

Please give some information regarding the same.



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4 years ago

I know you want a simple answer...but this might help:
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Pretty slick PoE calculator page Max, thanks.

I'm not sure about 802.3at to R710 models, but Ruckus QA is testing 802.3af over CAT6 to a single AP
to the standard 100m max cable length.
(BTW, local Frye's spool of Eth cable max length is < 100m, we couldn't do replication test in TSE lab)

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4 years ago

i dont recommend to use over 80m+ even if you're using good quality cables

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4 years ago

Recommend till 60 meters.