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Wed, Apr 15, 2015 3:26 PM

Vlan for guest network on ZD1100 with HP Procurve and Fortigate 200B firewall

My network is currently managed by a default vlan on a ZD1100 and several APs. I have a few WLANs and guest network. the entire corporate network is on Now what I want is to create a vlan 2 for the guest network (change ip to and set ip-helper on HP procuve switch to grab DHCP from windows server. Now do i also need to add in a Vlan 2 interface for my firewall and create the necessary policy to allow traffic out?

I have tried using a R500 connect directly to a Fortigate 60D but not with a ZD. Can anyone who tried it before shine some light? The DHCP server is running on windows 2012 R2 on vlan 1 (default vlan)


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