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Thu, May 7, 2020 5:47 PM

Unleashed SNMP TotalRx bytes multiplier?


I'm authoring SNMP data collection for R510 Unleashed 200.8 and stuck with obtaining realistic values from some OIDs, e.g.:

value: ruckusUnleashedSystemStatsWLANTotalRxBytes
oid: .

OID obtained from unleashed_200. found on this site.

Within a minute SNMP value changed from 15634020259856384 to 15658604652658688.

UI shows that in total there was 0.34Mb of traffic during that time. The value may differ a bit cause I'm not exactly sure at what second counting starts, but whatever difference is

15658604652658688 - 15634020259856384 = ~24 Tb

Of course I can divide it by 10^14 and be happy it's about 30% deviation, but is there just a documentation/explanation for that?



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