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Fri, Dec 20, 2013 10:30 AM

Tunnelling selective dynamic VLANs to ZDs in a single WLAN

Anyone know if it's possible to tunnel some VLANs back to the ZD and bridge other VLAN's traffic to the local switching within a single 802.1X WLAN (via a RADIUS attribute maybe)? Or is the only option to turn tunnelling on or off per WLAN? As far as I can see tunnelling is either on or off for a WLAN and can't be decided per VLAN.


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7 years ago

The WLAN tunneling option is all or not at all, cannot be selectively tunneled or local switched.

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7 years ago

someone knows if there are other brands that do this, that have this feature?



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7 years ago

AFAIK, cisco tunnels all traffic back to their controller.

There's an HREAP feature (which has since been renamed to something else) That causes an AP to *not* tunnel *any* traffic.

Warning: HREAP also disables most features of the controller.
(I.E. dynamic VLAN assignment, etc. goes out the window)

I did not dig too deeply on this w/ Meru gear.
The reseller I dealt with was unable to answer such questions despite being a highly rated reseller and describing another customer situation where that capability would have been advantageous.