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Sun, Sep 2, 2018 11:28 PM

the first Ruckus APs "timeline"

Does anyone Know what are the first APs (indoor and outdoor) that were lunched on market. I just wanna know some ruckus APs  background history for a formal presentation to my client.


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2 years ago

Those would be the 2942 (dome), 2925(c-shape) and 2741 (outdoor), with the two indoor ones released likely in 2006/2007!  All of these were B/G APs.

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2 years ago

Yes, those MetroFlex and MediaFlex APs must the the first products under the Ruckus label, earlier products were released as V54. I have one MediaFlex 2111 that was build in april 2006. Well-known products with Ruckus technology was the NetGear RangeMax AP. Best selling Wi-Fi AP those days. And this is the first Ruckus advert I am aware of :-)

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2 years ago

I have a number of the mm2211s still working.  I am afraid I will be replacing them soon. What is best way to replace??