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Wed, Apr 8, 2015 3:48 PM

Status of 5 GHz channel assignment in 9.9.216 and 9.10.218?

I just upgraded to 9.9.216 and am planning to go to 9.10.218 for hopeful fixes on R700 for 5 GHz. On 9.9 my ZF7363 are all coming up as channel 52 on 5 GHz and aren't moving. Does background scanning or channelfly work for 5 GHz in either of these releases? Just trying to verify status.


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6 years ago

Yes, version 9.9 code has background scanning in 2.4 and 5G, for your R700 and all other model APs, if you have enabled it.

Could it be that your APs are deployed by themselves, or so far apart from other APs that they don't recognize any neighbors?