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Fri, Sep 11, 2020 5:13 AM

standalone, unleashed, controller base firmware speed difference

i have question about Speed difference by firmware type of all APs

for exmaple i tested R550 AP standalone firmware 
1. standalone , DHCP/NAT
2. unleashed , DHCP/NAT
3. controller base firmware and AP DHCP/NAT

standalone DHCP/NAT test speed is slowest
but standalone bridge mode is fine

is other APs same?

H320, H510

R310, R320, R510, R550, R610, R650, R710, R720,R730,R750, R850

T310, T610, T710, T750

why same device different speed? just firmware difference?


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4 months ago

Hi Sungjin,

Different firmware with different settings may add additional processing on the AP, which may result change in the speed.

Could you share what speed difference you have observed in your testing.

Syamantak Omer


Syamantak Omer