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Wed, Dec 23, 2015 7:53 AM

Sony xperia Z5 looses connection

Hy guys
I build a new Wireless net with ZF R700 and R500 APs. One of the user has a Sony Xperia Z5. This phone looses the connection several times a day. The IP is displayed on the phone but not on the vSZ. The Wifi icon on the phone show additionaly a "!" sign.
After disabling and enabling the wifi on the phone, the client is shown again on vSZ and the connection is working again.
The phone uses 5Ghz channels. Any similar expirience with something?
Thank you very much!
Cheers Adrian


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5 years ago

Its a bug on the OS I cant even connect to Open networks on my Z3.

Raise a bug report to Sony!

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5 years ago

ok, we will try... thx

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5 years ago


I know from a good friend of mine who has a Z5 that he had connection issues also (to several brands AP). and an update of the andriod on the Z5 resolved it. was also mentioned in their release notes.