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Thu, Oct 17, 2019 1:58 PM

Set SSID passphrase by command line

There is a way to set the SSID passphrase by command line??

** Ruckus R310 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP


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a year ago

Hi Rodrigo,

What version of code are you running on the AP?
Is this AP running as standalone or is it under control of a SZ, ZD or unleashed.
              If you make changes via AP CLI on a controlled AP these will get overwritten by the controller.

The basic command to set encryption key is:
set encryption wlanx  (note replace x with correct wlan interface number)

To determine which wlan interface to use first do: get wlanlist
Note there is a different interface for 2.4GHz (wlan0 -wlan8) and 5GHz (wlan32-wlan40)

This is a interactive command that you will need to provide multiple replies to set up each interface.

rkscli: set encryption wlan0
Wireless Encryption Type: [0] quit, [1] OPEN, [2] WEP, or [3] WPA
Wireless Encryption Type:  3
WPA Protocol Version: [0] quit, [1] WPA, [2] WPA2, or [3] AUTO
WPA Protocol Version: 2
WPA Authentication Type: [0] quit, [1] OPEN (PSK), [2] EAP (.1X), or [3] AUTO
WPA Authentication Type:  1
WPA Cipher Type: [0] quit, [1] TKIP, [2] AES-CCMP, or [3] AUTO
WPA Cipher Type:  2
WPA PassPhrase: "YouAreNotReal"
Enter A New PassPhrase [8-63 letters], or Press "Enter" to Accept :
WPA no error

To verify the present settings use
get encryption wlanx (replace x with correct wlan interface number)

Please note - it is much easier to configure standalone AP's using the WEB-UI. If the AP was previously managed by a controller you may need to enable this using the command: set https enable.

I hope this information is helpful,

Thanks for selecting Ruckus Networks products - a Commscope company

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a year ago

Great, Albert!

Exactly what i need,
and now i have an automate script to change ssid password every day!