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Mon, Feb 5, 2018 9:20 PM

Select AP MAC for radius requests?

I'm using a service for radius authentication (IronWiFi), and like most of these providers, they charge on a per-AP basis.  Out of 7 APs, we only use 1 (lobby area) for guest access.  Currently, they have detected 3 APs based on the requesting MAC address.

Looking at the MACs they see, they are:

- The base MAC of the AP (LAN1)
- The BSSID of the 2.4GHz radio
- The BSSID of the 5GHz radio

How do I make the AP/ZoneDirector send a consistent MAC as the NAS-IP???

This is an R600 AP and a ZD1200 running build 1515.

I looked for relevant settings in the AAA server config, the WLAN, and the AP, not sure where else to look...




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3 years ago

Hi Bway,

Great question,

SZ line of product supports it via Proxy, where the SZ is the Authenticator. In the case of the ZD, I use recommended version 9.13 and the ZD is the Authenticator by default there.

I would open a ticket with support on this to get a fast answer.