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Sun, Nov 18, 2018 11:26 PM

Second AP not showing standby status

Both AP status shows connected but first AP is showing master status whereas second AP is not showing standby status (blank status, please see attached image).
Both APs are running same latest firmware version (AP1=r600 / AP2=r510)
Internet working on both APs




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3 y ago

Ruckus Unleashed supports "dynamic resiliency". In other words, with Ruckus Unleashed, all Ethernet connected are "standby APs". In other words, if Master AP goes down then all the Ethernet connected APs elect one of them to be the new Master. Showing all Ethernet connected APs as "standby" would not aesthetically look good. Hence, it is not shown. 

So, the Unleashed network works till the last AP with Ethernet is working. 

Btw, at the beginning days of Unleashed, it was "Active and Standby" only. So, the AP that acted as "standby" was displayed as "standby" AP. 

I hope this clarifies.


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