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Mon, Aug 10, 2020 9:00 PM

Ruckus slow speeds on R510

I am having two Ruckus R510 access points.My internet service provider is offering 900 mbps speed but WiFi speeds are only 400 Mbps max. I tried changing channels from auto to Speicific ones and changed tired by changing DNS but none of them improves my speed.Is this an issue with Ruckus R510 models? How can I get more speeds(Atleast 700-800mbps) on wifi with R510.


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5 months ago

You'll never get that on an r510 unfortunately. It's max phy rate is 867 so real-world will be max 50-60% of that

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5 months ago

From the datasheet itself for the R510:

2.4GHz: 300Mbps
5GHz: 867Mbps


As Richard said, unless you're in some lab environment with controllable interference, you're unlikely to get near that 800Mb at all, once you factor in any interference, overhead and how many streams you actually have to your device.

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5 months ago

Hi Hari,

Above said reasons would have convinced you about the speed that you have got, pls check what is the max speed that your phone could achieve using MCs index.