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Tue, Mar 23, 2021 11:33 AM

Ruckus Indoor AP R610 R510 R650 etc. have some problem with Apple M1 mac

I'm M1 Air users, and while using WiFi connection my air will disconnect randomly.
I have 2 workspace , one space have lots of APs (R610)
in this case my air will disconnect randomly.

another space only have 1 AP, but did not occur disconnect.

Anyone have simliar problem?


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19 d ago

Hi Jason,

There could be many reasons for unstable network connection.

Are these APs part of a managed network or running as standalone?

Verifying wireless settings and making sure APs were installed correctly on best possible location is the kay for stable network.

It is best if you open a case with support and report the issue, if all standard settings and installation looks good to you.


Syamantak Omer

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19 d ago

Are guys using SmartZone? ZoneDirector? Cloud controller? or Unleashed? The work space that has disconnects  are other devices getting disconnects? or just the M1?

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SmartZone , Cloud controller , just the M1

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5 d ago

I would like to join jason on this one.  We have one M1 mac in our environment.  

Virtual Smart Zone:

R720's and R730

The M1 will connect and work just fine some days another other days it will pop up and request credentials.  Sometimes the credentials will work and connect after awhile and other times not.  Once connected it typically will stay connected the rest of the day but occasionally it will randomly disconnect.  

Just today I was asked for my password on my M1 (reason invalid password)  I hit cancel rebooted the laptop and logged in and it connected.  


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3 d ago

We use

Virtual Smart Zone: AP:R610

All the random disconnect devices is M1.

The wifi RSSI is between -40 ~ -55