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Fri, Aug 31, 2018 1:28 AM

Ruckus 12v input polarity and range

What's the 12v input polarity and voltage range?

I have a bunch of old 7962s that we're selling off to staff for home standalone use after upgrading.

I can see they take a 12v 1.5A power supply, but what's the polarity?

Also since they work with solar, can I assume all Ruckus ZoneFlex APs will work from 9v-15v DC?


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2 years ago

Hi Ben,

As with all DC Power supplies, Ground(-) is on the outside, Power(+) is on the inside of the plug.

The best way to use these WAPs is with Ruckus Power supply, that is usually around $10 give or take. 12V 1A should do the job. A PoE Injector will also work.

Do NOT use these with anything other than 12V PS. You can float the Amperage up to 1.5-2A, but do not change the voltage. You are risking to damage the device.