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Fri, Aug 30, 2019 7:12 PM


Required Hardware for IoT modules?

Our company is looking at implementing/updating our R710s that are running in unleashed to SmartZone to support the IoT modules and gateway software. Besides the plugin modules and licensing for smartzone is there any additional hardware I need?

Our office consists of 8 Unleashed r710's my understanding is that these can be upgraded to work with SmartZone. We would prefer to use the virtual SmartZone controller as I have plenty of overhead on my HyperV server. 

I think I would need the vSZ license (L09-VSCG-WW00) as well as 7 additional smartzone licenses (L09-0001-SG00). Plus the IoT hardware and OVA for the IoT gateway. Is there additional licensing for the IoT software? 


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a year ago

Hi Brian,

  There are additional IoT licenses required, one RTU (right to use) on the controller, and per AP licenses, similar to SmartZone.

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6 months ago

questions and answers that represent me
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