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Tue, Nov 4, 2014 11:05 PM

Rate Limiting with rsync issues.

We have 6 zf7982 access points being controlled by a ZD1106 ZoneDirector. We have enabled rate limiting on the Wireless LAN and the results can be verified by several speed tests. However, anytime rate limiting is enabled, regardless of the speed, rsync connections to remote networks are reduced to dial-up like speeds. As soon as the rate limiting is disabled, rsync speeds return to normal. It seems there is something about rsync over ssh and the method of rate limiting that is causing an issue. Other protocols do not seem to be affected as far as we know. Any ideas?


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6 years ago

Open a ticket and provide a packet capture? Does it trigger at any particular rate limit? Does it work with high value rate limit? You might find a sweet spot. We
have seen issues with Bonjour AirPlay on rate limited WLANs too.