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Fri, May 26, 2017 7:45 PM

R700 on SZ100 Showing "update failed" in controller

I have an R700 that I can't get working.  Had some issues with it dropping signal, did a factory reset through CLI and button.  When AP boots it connects to the controller and I can get into it through SSH and the web interface.  I assign it to an AP group but the "configuration status" comes back with update failed.  Nothing in the AP log on the controller to indicate why. 

Any ideas on what further I can do? 

SZ100, ver

AP Firmware ver


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4 years ago


Maybe update the SZ100 to :

SmartZone (MR2) Software Release .

This release is stable and have a lot of improvements.

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4 years ago

Are you block some port ? 
on Connection between AP and controller must open port :