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Tue, Sep 2, 2014 8:43 PM

r700 AP reboot 5-7 minutes


I have a ZD 3000 going using a Cisco SG300-52 POE for 2 r700 AP.
Everything is on the same network and there is no VLANing.

All firmware is updated. When they are on, the signal is strong with a transmit rate of 450.

But I'm having what Ruckus is calling a Hearbeat issue. About every 5-7 minutes the APs power cycle themselves cause they are not talking to the ZD.

Thought it might be the cable runs, so i plugged them direct into the switch and got the same issue.

Anyone have anything like this?



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6 years ago

Vince, Check for the reboot reason in support info of R700

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6 years ago


So before these 5-7 minutes it is mentioned as connected on the zonedirector ?

This is important to know.


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6 years ago

I have had issues the those Cisco switches not providing enough power. Make sure that you do not have Green Ethernet turned on. Also I would try using a power injector on one of the APs that is rebooting and see if it stops.

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6 years ago

Do the logs on the ZoneDirector say your APs are losing heartbeats and reconnect
with short uptimes (< 2 min)? This would support power cycle problems on the PoE
switch to explore further.

Use current firmware on the ZD/R700s too, and turn off 5G background
scanning after it has run for a period of time (long enough for APs to all move off
original channel 149). If problems persist, feel free to open a ticket with Tech Supt.