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Wed, Jul 1, 2020 5:51 PM


R700 and downgrading ZD1200

Looking at it lists specific versions that are end of support for AP but not R700. It is a little frustrating the R700 is now dropped as it was a top of the line 802.11ac AP and is still a very viable product. It is arguably better performance than other current AP.

I was surprised when I upgraded to 10.4 that is gone. Now I need to downgrade. Is there an article on the downgrade procedure?


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7 months ago

Hi Brian,

If you know from what version you upgraded the ZD then you can directly downgrade and ZD will automatically restore the backup from last upgrade.

Below are the steps.

1- Make sure you know from what version you upgraded to 10.4 (keep in mind that downgrade without factory reset only works when you downgrade to very last version running on ZD).
2- Now go to support site and download the firmware file of same version(one which was running before the upgrade to 10.4).[ZD1200]

3- Now to go Administration >> Backup/restore >> create a new backup on 10.4 version, just in case needed.
4- Now go to Administration >> Upgrade >> choose the downloaded file for downgrade >> complete the downgrade.
5- If correct firmware version file was uploaded then system will automatically restore the last backup file. If not, then system will factory reset and you have to reconfigure it from scratch.

Syamantak Omer


Syamantak Omer