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Thu, Dec 29, 2016 4:29 AM

R500 Shows "This AP is currently unable to provide wireless access" and No WLAN Settings

Hello there. I'm having problem with my ZoneFlex R500. I can't find a way to access my WLAN Features, i.e. Change SSID, Enable Wireless Status. And under "Status>Device" there's an error that saying:
"This AP is currently unable to provide wireless access.
To resolve, connect to a Ruckus Controller. 
To function as a standalone AP, go to Ruckus Support, navigate to the specific AP and download"

Please help me.


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5 y ago

What firmware is it running?  If it's a 9.x release that's 9.9+, then it's a ZD-only firmware and need to be updated to a 100.x release to function as a standalone.  That can be done by downloading the release from the support portal, or possibly hard-resetting via the button.

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5 y ago

HI Dane
Your AP is currently managed by an controller, at least that is what it thinks.
If you had it connected to a ZD you can just factory reset it and configure the device then as standalone.
If the AP was connected to a vSZ/SZ/SCG then you will need to load 10x.x.x.x software on it to run in standalone mode.

Kind regards

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