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Wed, Mar 18, 2015 5:39 AM

Problem with 5Ghz on 7372 AP

Hi all,

I am newbie to Ruckus Wireless.

We have deployed around 70 pcs of ruckus 7372 with ZD3050. 

But we have problem with enabling the 5ghz (a/n) frequency on the the equipment.

Please find the attachment below :

As we can see, on the 5ghz, i cannot see any channel on that access point although i have checked the Enable WLAN service for this radio button.

Is there some kind of firmware needed to enable the 5ghz running concurrent with 2.4 Ghz?


This is the capture from monitor/accesspoints 


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6 years ago


By Default 5ghz radio is ON and enabled for all WLAN. I do see that none of the stats or info for 5ghz is missing in your screeshot and that do concerns me unless Access Point Groups has been made in the ZD which disables the 5ghz radio.

Is this for all AP's or just one?
check Access Point Groups for possible misconfig..

hope this helps.