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Fri, Feb 26, 2016 12:33 PM


Powering H500 via PoE and provide power to connected Phone.

Hi everyone,

I just stumbled to the H500 Wall-Switch-AP. This one can be powered via PoE-Input-Port. Also the H500 has got a PoE-OutputPort for Devices. Is it possible to power the H500 via PoE and also power a connected Device (like a Phone) through the PoE-Output-Port or do I have to power the H500 itself through normal power supply in this case?

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5 years ago

Yes, the H500 (Hotel AP) is designed for additional PoE device (like an IP phone) attachment.
See H500 Power Source and available PoE out details in the Quick Start Guide:

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5 years ago

Good Morning Michael,

thanks a lot for your answer! That was exactly what I was searching.

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Simon Bührer