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Mon, Apr 30, 2018 8:21 AM


Password for SmartZone-controlled APs

If I were to manually log-in a Smartzone-controlled AP using its IP address, what should be its credentials? Previously on ZDs it was the ZD's username and password. But now, using my configured credentials for entering SmartZone doesn't work. It doesn't seem to be the default "super" either.

Been shuffling around the forums and all I could see were ZD related, not SmartZone related.


(Ruckus Smartzone 100, version, AP firmware running


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3 years ago

Hi Roel,

It is under Access Points -> Zone Configuration.

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3 years ago

What is the "default" value placed in the password field?

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ID / PASS is cluster name by default.

But If you create other zone, you have to manually define credential.