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Fri, Dec 13, 2013 6:16 AM


Ordering Country Code for Malaysia

Hi expert here,

If i would like to order Zoneflex 7982, the Part no: 901-7982-XX00. If the end user is located at Malaysia what is the XX country code would be.

same to the ZoneDirector also.



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7 years ago

Hi Frankie

The ordering country code will be "WW" here. For example it would be "901-7982-WW00"

If you can give your contact detail, our sales team can get in touch with you to help better.


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6 years ago

Hi, if the final destination is Guatemala, Central America... What is the exact part number for to buy?


Luis Vivar

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6 years ago

Buy 901-7982-XX00 which is for Non US and Non EU countries else check with Ruckus sales staff.