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Thu, Aug 11, 2016 5:52 PM


Old Ruckus PKI Signed

I just upgraded to build 232 so I could install R510 access points. I am also installing R710 AP as upgrades. I noticed the R710 / R510 have a certificate status of New Ruckus PKI Signed but the R700 I have show Old Ruckus PKI Signed. Is there something I need to do to upgrade PKI?


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4 years ago

Yes, you can go to Configure > Certificate > Advanced Options > Import Ruckus PKI Certificate Package, enter the number of APs who need new certs, and click the "click here" link. (It's kind of hard to see, but it's there.)

This will create a .req file, that can be sent to Ruckus using, and Ruckus will send you another file, that can be used (in the same section in the ZD UI) to import new certs for older APs. 

Instructions are also in the ZD 9.13 User Guide, and the Online Help. But this is a short version. Hope it helps! 

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a year ago

I suspect that tool has gone unmaintained or is broken in some way.

Tried this multiple times to get one old AP on a ZD updated and whether I selected "1" or "0", the file returned by Ruckus always results in the error: "Error! Some AP Ruckus PKI certificates are missing from the package. Please request a new package."

Just a heads-up if there's anyone on here that maintains that tool...