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Mon, Sep 26, 2016 3:14 PM

Model[r510] is not supported; connection request from AP[xx] refused

Hey everyone,

I purchased a ZD1200 controller to manage 3 R510 APs and I keep getting this message. Support mentioned to reupload same firmware file to the controller (currently 9.9). I've done that and to 9.12 with no luck. 

Any suggestions?


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4 years ago

If I am right you need to do some of the middle firmware. It doesn't let you jump from certain ones, especially older ones to the new one.  On the support page it should let you get to some of the other ones. If you look on the release notes it will tell you which ones you can skip.



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4 years ago

R510 requires 9.13 MR1, I believe.

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4 years ago

John D is spot on 9.12 does not support R510, 9.13 does.