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Wed, Sep 19, 2018 11:05 AM


m510 standalone firmware

Using the M510 for the first time with standalone firmware I've found 3 issues:
  1. there is no status information on the LTE radio to show what signal strength its receiving or its connection status. The only indication is the CEL led. Is this being added?
  2. the internet status shows Down even when the CEL led is solid and 4G/LTE access works and video can be streamed... Is this linked to the WAN ethernet port 0 presence and not actual internet connectivity?
  3. there is no status of the GPS. I was expecting aquiring, no. of sats seen etc. The only indication is the absence or presence of gps co-ords in the Status: Device page.
Apart from these niggles whcih would be a problem in fault finding the device looks like a great product.



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a year ago

Have you had any luck to get more information about the LTE status at M510 - apparently it ́s possible via CLI, but I haven ́t had any luck to find a dedicated CLI command doc for M510 

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rkscli:  get lte-statistics