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Fri, Jul 31, 2015 2:35 PM


Is it Bug? It's about dfsmidbandblock on standalone AP.


I tested "dfsmidbandblock function" on standalone AP.

It's worked when set cli.

But, atfer Ap reboot, it's now worked.

Is it bug?   I thought it's BUG.

Plz let me know about it.

It's tested on F/W version both 100.x.x.x  and 9.8.x, It's same.

AP is 7372.

The following is snapshot.





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5 years ago

Not all/many AP CLI configuration settings will persist after an AP reboot.

Some WLAN settings, can be configured by the ZoneDirector (on ZD managed APs) which will then be provisioned on all connected APs (even after reboots).

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Just reset dfschannel block.

With cli(get dfschannelmidbandblock wlanX), it was shown enabled fuction.

As a result, I thought it's bug.