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Tue, Jun 12, 2018 9:12 AM

I have 3 x Enterasys AP3640 in warehouse, I like to add 1x R610 to link with them. Any problems? Is it easy to configure?

Our 3 existing enterasys 3640 APs are configured in clustering mode with static IP addresses. Due to expansion, we like to add one more AP. What We like to know before purchasing the R610 is whether R610 can be configured to join the cluster. We do not want wireless client (scanner guns, laptops) while roaming to disconnect and cause interruption.

If yes, how easy it is to configure? Will appreciate if anyone have similar experience or suggestions to share ?

Thank you very much !


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3 y ago

Use R610 on an unleashed mode, but it can form a cluster only with Ruckus Access points , and the Enterasys access points can't be on this cluster

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3 y ago

Hi Shantha 

I see...noted. 

Thanks alot.