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Tue, Feb 5, 2019 5:29 PM

How to restart 7982 with curl or wget URL?

I need URL address to reboot my 7982 with http command or something else without enter and press reboot command to the AP interface. I found that reboot page is https://XXX.XXX.X.X/maintenance/reboot.asp but that page needs to be press a reboot button. I am planning an automation for schedule reboot for that reason I need that command. Is there any idea?


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2 years ago

Hi Ali,

To automate, you can run an script using bash or any , SSH into the AP and run "reboot" command at scheduled time. You would not be able to use wget and curl on AP as those commands are not available for user access.

Abilash PR

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2 years ago

If you are sure thank you very much :) I will turn my direction to bash scripting