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Fri, Feb 14, 2020 1:52 PM

How much time Smart Zone 100 needs to boot/to start working after power failure?

I configured two smart zone controllers to work in a cluster. Was checking out how fast (or slow) it will boot up/start working after power failure. It is suspicious because it takes too long (10-15min) to boot up and start working. Also, two controllers are connected via 100Mbps switch that I am using only for testing. 


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10 months ago

Hi Milan,

Yes, they take up some time to bring all their services online 10-15 mins is way better mine takes more than 20 mins.

Abilash PR.

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Dear Abi,

Thank you for your quick answer!

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Hey Milan,

10-15 minutes is a good time. Mine also takes more 20-25 minutes, for booting. Don't forget updates: they usually take a long time too, 30-40 minutes sometimes longer if something special is changed.

Cheers Peter