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Thu, Dec 10, 2015 6:29 PM


Hard Reset all APs

Hi, is there a way I can hard reset or factory default all AP s from the ZD with one click ?




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5 years ago

You might be able to do a remote_ap_cli -A "factory", where "factory" I believe is the command to factory reset the AP. I've never tried it myself... I've only used this method to reboot all my AP's.

Of course, be careful if you have mesh AP's, because mesh AP's won't auto-provision themselves after a factory reset without being wired in.
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5 years ago

Yes, you can issue a command from the ZoneDirector CLI, that will tell all connected APs to do a factory default.

Warning: Be sure this is what you want to do!

1.  SSH to your ZoneDirector, and login with admin credentials.

2.  Type 'enable', Enter, to get from > to # prompt.

3.  Type 'debug', Enter, to get into Debug mode.

4.  Type:       remote_ap_cli  -A  "set factory"

< you will see all APs respond >

5. Type 'quit' to exit Debug mode, and 'quit' to exit SSH session.

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5 years ago

pay attention to the output once you run the command as you may see that certain AP's fail when issuing the remote AP commands.

to rectify any AP's that did not take the command just replace the -A with -a:
rksap_cli -a  "set factory"
Note: it is advisable that you enable the DHCP server on the ZD before issuing the "set factory" command or all AP's will be on the default IP address