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Thu, Aug 20, 2020 4:35 PM


Force clients to certain network/SID

How can I force wireless clients to a certain SSID within ZD1200?

Using a ZD1200 with software version is build 183 and 3 R610 devices


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2 months ago

you cannot... unless..
you have something AD authentication or you do it with  "groups" , like "not computers" or "not mobiles".

Then you have issues with SSID fights.... where the device software wil ltry to pick the strongest SSID.
If you find a way let me know.. i'd be interested...

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2 months ago

you can use RBAC ( Role Based Access Control) setup a AAA server LDAP/AD set the defined roles as groups. You can then create a RBAC plocy based on device type or the roles held by the user

See following support document