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Fri, Mar 24, 2017 10:11 AM

DHCP IP release issue

HI all 
currently i am facing DHCP IP release issue in my Wireless network. 

brief update on network:
Zone Director and Access Point are connected to switch trunk port with native VLAN 40 (management VLAN)
ZD 1200 and R500 AP

Employee SSID  (Tagged with VLAN 99)
Guest SSID        (Tagged with VLAN 194) 

ON the switch, ports are assign with trunk mode and also set the Native VLAN 40 on ports for ZD and AP. 

DHCP server is configured with multiple scope (for vlan 99 and Vlan 194 and for few wired VLAN's), and client IP addresses are reserved with their MAC address. 


when client (employee or guest) connect to the wireless network in morning they get IP address from the DHCP server as per the reservation. after some time client get limited connectivity error and get APIPA ip address. if we disconnect the client from the wireless network and reconnect it then ZD show that client get the IP address but no ip is assign to the adapter (still APIPA IP). 

problem some time come to all AP's and some time only one AP will effect to that problem. 

need help on this issue. 



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4 years ago

Not clear, but please try a WLAN Advanced Option, Force DHCP, which will disconnect/reconnect
a client if it doesn't receive a valid IP w/in 10 sec (default).

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4 years ago

Already selected....

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3 years ago

we are facing some issues on zd3000 and ap 7372 and 7363  series for  all location