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Mon, May 13, 2019 11:03 AM

Create Custom Bonjour Gateway Service with Port Range/Number?


I'm getting close to a working solution for accessing Barco Clickshare device on a wired VLAN, from all Wifi networks on separate VLANs/subnets/IP ranges.

I created internal firewall rules for inter-VLAN routing. I can see the Baro device available via Apple Airplay, after I created AirPlay Bonjour Gateway Service access on Unleashed AP. So, it is discoverable...

...But it never connects. I think I need to create custom Bonjour Gateway Services as per the attached image, to enable all ClickShare services. Unfortunately, I cannot add ports or port ranges via the GUI - only service names like "_googlecast._tcp."

1) Is there a way to create Port ranges in the Bonjour Gateway?

2) Is this the correct way to configure? The GUI reaches a limit of 32 Rules...


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2 years ago

The response from Ruckus support is: 

"The Bonjour configuration should be 2 way. If the communication is between Vlan 2 and Vlan 3. Their should be 2 entries which I already see on your configuration. We will not be able to configure Bonjour based on port. As the traffic used for communication is multicast."

The ClickShare ports used are:

Somehow we have to translate these ClickShare Ports into service names in the Ruckus Bonjour Gateway config...