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Tue, Aug 8, 2017 12:28 PM


Compatibility of all the Antennas with the Ruckus Access Points like (R710,R610,R510,R310)

Please help me with the Compatibility of all the Antennas with the Ruckus Access Points like (R710,R610,R510,R310). which all types of Ruckus Antennas are compatible with above Access points?


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3 years ago

Hi Chetan,

I don't get your question, all the models you mentioned have antennas build in.

Do you mean if you can mix the Access Points models within your environment? if so Yes.



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3 years ago

Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for the reply. Actually i am searching for which Ruckus Access Points i can select the Antennas like (AT-2401-DP and AT-0505-DP01). And if possible for you can you please send me the list of all the Ruckus Access points with its compatible Antennas.


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3 years ago

Hello Chetan, 

All APs that you mentioned are indoors APs which doesnt allow the use of external antennas. 
At the end of each datasheet of the APs you can check in the optional accesories the antennas that support each AP. Of course you should look for this information in the outdoor APs.

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3 years ago

As Andi mentions, only *Outdoor* model APs have external Antenna connectors.

See the Specs tab for Antenna gain/receive sensitivity of *Indoor* AP built-in antennas from the
corporate website Indoor AP page, after selecting your model of interest: