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Thu, May 9, 2019 10:54 AM


Can't get APs to connect to ZD. Are the versions compatible?

I have bought the following kit:

ZD1200, running
ZF7372, running

I have factory reset them, put them on the same subnet, but they don't seem to want to talk. Is this just a versioning issue?

I have tried manually entering the IP of the ZD into the AP, but still no joy.

I have tried upgrading the firmware on the AP (under Maintenance > Upgrade), but I get an error ("Control file download problem").

I tried manually looking for a firmware upgrade, but can't see anything above V9.

I found a spreadsheet from Ruckus, that seemed to say that the ZF7372 could run under a ZD1200 on V10 (, but I can't work out how to make this work (or be sure that this is indeed my issue)

Any advice very much appreciated.


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2 years ago

Unfortunately, does not support the 7372. You would need to either downgrade the ZD to (or lower) or replace the AP with a model that begins with “R” (except for R300 which is also not supported).

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2 years ago

Ahh, ok. Thanks for that. The spreadsheet stopped after 10.1! :D

I'll look into the downgrade and then hopefully everything will just work!