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Tue, Oct 9, 2018 2:47 PM


Can Someone Explain How User Traffic Policies Are Applied?

I have a question regarding user traffic policies.  I know how to create and apply them, this is just more me wondering how they work.  I have an SSID that is not configured to tunnel back to the controller (SmartZone 100).  My AP's are on trunks that carry all the VLANS for the different vlan pools.  I can create a traffic policy and apply it to a user role and it works.  I thought that would only work if I was tunneling the traffic to the controller and that any restrictions would have to be on the network level through ACL's. 


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2 years ago

Hey John,
All the UTP actions are performed on the AP so that you can enforce consistent policies on both tunneled and non-tunneled WLANs. In role-based policy scenarios, if you are using the SZ to centralize the authentication process (i.e. SZ is AAA/RADIUS/NAS Client), then the role is resolved on the SZ and sent to the AP for policy mapping. Otherwise, the AP does this locally.