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Fri, Dec 21, 2018 3:56 PM

[ASK] R600 Radio 5Ghz is down

Dear All Forum Members,

I have Ruckus R600 with unleashed firmware. The problem is Radio 5Ghz is down. What should I do for bring up Radio 5Ghz becom online.


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2 years ago

And one question again. Why I can`t change Model Specific Control C110 to R600 on Unleashed Dashboard.?

Thanks for all attention.



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2 years ago

Hi Gin Gin,

The 5GHz radio would be down if it wasn't configured to transmit an SSID.  If you have done this and the 5GHz radio still won't come up then I would recommend doing a factory reset using the button on the underside of the AP and then upgrading to the lastest version of Unleashed (if you aren't already).

Regarding the model specific control, I've just checked on my Unleashed R310 AP and can select any model.  This may indicate that something isn't happy with your AP and you need to run through what I've suggested above.