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Sat, Jul 25, 2015 5:55 AM

AP ZF7982 disconnected

I have a ZD1200 with 16 APs connected. It has been working for awhile and suddenly half of it got disconnected. Can you advise some troubleshooting steps. ZF7982 & ZF7372. Controller has been restart and poe switches has been tested. No issue on switch. But AP remains disconnected. Need urgent advise


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6 years ago

how many AP's licensed at your controller.

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6 years ago

I think i will check the following:

DIR LED status on the AP?
How is then network different from where other AP is/are working?
what does the controller states in event and activities for the disconnected AP's?
Are you able to ping the disconnect AP?

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6 years ago

Hi Rahul, there is 16 AP license at the controller

Hi Monnat, to answer your question
- the LED status is on
- the are on the same VLAN1 whether is it working/not
- it just states that the user fails to join the WLAN
- yes we can still ping

We manage to get all the AP up yesterday by upgrading the firmware.

But this morning, all the AP are disconnected again. We are troubleshooting to see what went wrong again. Please advise us on the possibility.