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Thu, Jun 4, 2020 6:21 AM

AP patch

I configured a wireless network in the office with an R730 AP and SmartZone 100 model.

I recently updated the controller firmware to version
Then, in the Administator>Upgrade tab, the version of all components will appear as 5.2.0.xx.

Here, the problem, when selecting the AP assigned to the Zone in the Accesspoints> Accesspoints tab of the controller, the current firmware version is, which is different from the one indicated in the Administration above.

It is still unclear if this is a system error or requires further action.
Is there any problem with the current status? Also, is there a way to solve it?




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9 months ago

Hello Jang,

Once you upgrade the controller, the zones will remain with the actual firmware, you must go to each zone and upgrade firmware as needed. You should go to the AP tab and go to the Option More.. and Click in Change Firmware.

As some Aps must stay in the actual zone firmware because of the the support on further versions only the controller firmware is upgraded.

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Thanks for your comment Fabian, As you said, I found a separate AP patch.
Through this item, the current AP firmware has also been updated to version 5.2.0.x.