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Thu, Jan 17, 2019 2:37 AM

Android phone unable to reach captive portal

Android mobile phone user unable to reach wifi sign-in page (Ruckus captive portal).
  • Browser app tested: Google Chrome and Web Explorer (latest app version). 
  • Most affected phone: Huawei (latest system EMUI version)
  • Page return with error message:
1) "This site can't be reached" 

2) "Your connection was interrupted"

Workaround tried:
  • Some user reported able to access captive portal using Web Explorer app.
  • Some manually key-in wifi portal URL in browser to redirect and login.
  • Alternative way even disable mobile data first before retry access captive page then only manage to login.
We still encounter this issue for some user especially on android Huawei phone. However, not all user affected and no specific model. 

Any solution and what could be the root cause?


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2 years ago



A) Settings > Wi-Fi > find the current network > Modify network and then select Show advanced options.
B) Here, find IP settings and set its value to Static.
C) Change primary DNS settings to and the second DNS option to

You can read detailed fix on Geeks Advice

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Thanks for the suggestion however we are using DHCP for IP addresses and  having different DNS to redirect our login page. Also this is on mobile phone (android) which not allow us to set DNS without using static IP address.